Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Freddie Wong :)

Freddie Wong 
(Freddie Wong channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/freddiew)

This guy is really rocking the world 

Let me tell you. 

Everyone knows him with his Proffesionalism as a Guitar Hero and a Rock Band player

He even won the World Series of Video Games on a Guitar Hero
*thats why he had a basic on how to play guitar, drums, keyboard and etc

Well then, if you search in youtube, theres a lot of video, i mean really cool stuff there like 

> Cardboard Warfare (Call of Duty Modern Warfare Parody? )

>Future Rythm games ( Based on Rock Band gameplay)

And other else

What make he's really cool is he is casting using SIMPLE equipment and produce a STUNNING video clips

He's just using a simple studio microphone, a camera, a video recorder and an IDEA..!

Talking about his idea,its awesome

He use some cardboard to make it look like a gun

and then go around like to many place

pick a random sets of scene

pick a variety of people who willing to be a part of that video clip


and then back to his studio

making a few addition on sound effects

build a sound effect like a gunshot sound effect

combine everything

render the parts of video clips

 then there you go 

more than 80,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel

This guy make me thought that the quote of

"There's nothing impossible"

making it like a dreams came true

Possible + Impossible = Possimpoble

*Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother said that

There's a little bit tip on how to help you to cast a video without an appropriate equipment

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