Wednesday, February 2, 2011

#1 Friends :3

 Friends is among the most important things currently in our life. Without them, we can almost be nobody
Why i did say that?
Imagine it

Nowadays, i assumed that there's many student that studying in a boarding school. It just like 80% or maybe 90% student WILL hangout with their friends because they actually somekind feel that friends are more important to them

Actually,this post is the second post.It has posted out before,but it seems that I cant run from writting about this

In islamic views, back to the history, i remembered a story, illustrates how important to have friendship in our lives
In Islam, we called it Brotherhood

So, there was a story about Musa'b bin Umair and his brother who were a war prisoner after Musyrikin Makkah people had lost in their war with Muslimin Madinah. Basically, when his little brother saw Musa'b bin Umair, he pleaded and said that was this (he was tied to a chain) thing was meant for him. It meant that he was questioning how could his brother do this thing to his little brother. and then Musa'b bin Umair said to one of his friends

'tied this man even more'
'i knew his mother have a lot of wealth to free this man'
(He's mentioning about ransom )

what actually weird is the mother of his brother was also his mum too

It shows us how muslim brotherhood is way more important than a family blood relationship

we're going to Restoran Pantai Timur :D

So,this is the first post about friends:)
It will be a long story about friends:)

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