Monday, February 7, 2011

# 2 Friends :3

Salamun Alaik
Dah lme x menulis *koya lebih
haha padahal bru 2 hari je

Baru2 nie, trisem 3 MMU utk foundasi kejuruteraan dah bermula
*guna bahasa Melayu :P
So, ramai akan balik ke rumah sewa masing 
utk budak2 yg mmg tinggal kat melaka(mmu malacca)

so aku balik 2 hari lebih awl dari start klas
katenye nak buat a fresh start this sem

ape yg menariknya balik awl nie
smpat gak cuti
cuti dgn member g mp
die nie bdk pahang
so x pnah g MP yg serba HEVAT! :D

so bwk g mp
makan pizza ( membazir 1)
main bowling (membazir 2)
main game (membazir 3)
main archery (membazir 4)

So, 4 kali aku dgn member aku membazir :L

Tapi,guess what
pembaziran yg berlaku
menyebabkan kami semua jadi lebih rapat
hingga dah x kisah
maksud aku

"Susah sama2, Senang pun sama2"

so, hari ahad aritue
ended up happily 

So same as well
all friends in this world 
must be appreciate
for what they've sacrifice for us
eventhough sikit

that the beauty of friendship :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011


 As we grown up, a lot of things just bump onto us
and if youre  reaching somekind 19 maybe
your mind can't stop thinking about how do you want to shape your future
and one of the thing, most probably very important is


Oh god:D
going through marriage isnt easy
well its being thought as easy but in real life situation
its kindda scary

well, if you'll see,
there were many of youth (not adult) are keen into
pre-age marriage
and woooww
its not a forced marriage
but youth love to have a wife when youre like 20 or maybe 19 as well

why this happened?
Seriously IDK
but in second thoughts, 'its maybe the lifestyle changes how people think'
and maybe some sort of ageing affected how we think

Everything must have a boon and a bane
let us think,what is the pro and con?

*its my young lil sis :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

#1 Friends :3

 Friends is among the most important things currently in our life. Without them, we can almost be nobody
Why i did say that?
Imagine it

Nowadays, i assumed that there's many student that studying in a boarding school. It just like 80% or maybe 90% student WILL hangout with their friends because they actually somekind feel that friends are more important to them

Actually,this post is the second post.It has posted out before,but it seems that I cant run from writting about this

In islamic views, back to the history, i remembered a story, illustrates how important to have friendship in our lives
In Islam, we called it Brotherhood

So, there was a story about Musa'b bin Umair and his brother who were a war prisoner after Musyrikin Makkah people had lost in their war with Muslimin Madinah. Basically, when his little brother saw Musa'b bin Umair, he pleaded and said that was this (he was tied to a chain) thing was meant for him. It meant that he was questioning how could his brother do this thing to his little brother. and then Musa'b bin Umair said to one of his friends

'tied this man even more'
'i knew his mother have a lot of wealth to free this man'
(He's mentioning about ransom )

what actually weird is the mother of his brother was also his mum too

It shows us how muslim brotherhood is way more important than a family blood relationship

we're going to Restoran Pantai Timur :D

So,this is the first post about friends:)
It will be a long story about friends:)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Freddie Wong :)

Freddie Wong 
(Freddie Wong channel -

This guy is really rocking the world 

Let me tell you. 

Everyone knows him with his Proffesionalism as a Guitar Hero and a Rock Band player

He even won the World Series of Video Games on a Guitar Hero
*thats why he had a basic on how to play guitar, drums, keyboard and etc

Well then, if you search in youtube, theres a lot of video, i mean really cool stuff there like 

> Cardboard Warfare (Call of Duty Modern Warfare Parody? )

>Future Rythm games ( Based on Rock Band gameplay)

And other else

What make he's really cool is he is casting using SIMPLE equipment and produce a STUNNING video clips

He's just using a simple studio microphone, a camera, a video recorder and an IDEA..!

Talking about his idea,its awesome

He use some cardboard to make it look like a gun

and then go around like to many place

pick a random sets of scene

pick a variety of people who willing to be a part of that video clip


and then back to his studio

making a few addition on sound effects

build a sound effect like a gunshot sound effect

combine everything

render the parts of video clips

 then there you go 

more than 80,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel

This guy make me thought that the quote of

"There's nothing impossible"

making it like a dreams came true

Possible + Impossible = Possimpoble

*Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother said that

There's a little bit tip on how to help you to cast a video without an appropriate equipment